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icons by eloquentice.
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icons by eloquentice.
This is the icon journal of eloquentice.

I make icons out of all sorts of things. Some tv shows, some movies, some actors, some bands, various art type things. Lately it's been super bandom-centric, but I do still do other things as well. You can look through the tags to see what's been iconned in the past. (And please friend the community, don't join. It's simpler.)

Feel free to request fullsizes. I can't guarantee that I'll have them (especially for older posts), but lately I've been keeping things organized such that I can pretty easily pull them up.

And if you're new to my icon journal, and are going through a bunch of old posts, snagging icons, it's not necessary to comment on each post. Just let me know somewhere along the way that you're looking around and finding icons you like. You're free to drop more comments if you'd like, but one comment to cover the whole perusal is fine by me!


Credit me as either "eloquentice" or "eloquentice_i" in keywords. If you don't know how, see this. Why, you ask? I post these icons because I like to share them, and spread the love, and when people see you using one of my icons, it's always great if they know how to find me, and the rest of the icons I've made.

Don't hotlink. Here's what it is, and why it's bad. I'm using a photobucket account to post these icons, and if you hotlink, I will run out of bandwith, and then there will be no more icons.

Don't edit. Unless I specifically state that you can.

• And of course, the common courtesy things that are assumed, such as not claiming my work as your own or anything like that. And comments are always nice.


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Layout courtesy of Leyslie, with some adjustments on my part.

Contact me at eloquentice @ livejournal . com

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